Propane Safety

We are excited to be delivering propane to you and your home. Provided that proper safeguards are observed, propane provides a safe, efficient, and reliable way to heat your home.

Propane delivery is highly regulated by both the State of Kansas and our insurance company. Even with all the regulations and oversight, providing propane to our customers is an important part of Berwick Coop Oil Co’s business.

Through years of research & practice, the propane industry has identified three things that are critical to keeping you safe:

  • Don’t let a tank run out of propane. If the tank does run out, it is imperative to perform a leak check before returning the tank to service.
  • Replace all regulators when they reach the manufacturers’ recommended replacement age. Usually the limit is 15 years old, but after 15years in service it is too risky to keep them in service.
  • Perform a leak test on the propane system once every 5 years even if there are no indications of a problem or leak.

Our drivers will continue to work hard to meet your propane needs so your tank does not run out of fuel. Replacing regulators and performing leak checks takes time. Berwick Coop Oil Co. has a crew of propane delivery drivers trained to work on your system. CTEP training is the industry standard for working on propane systems and all Berwick Coop Oil Co’s drivers has this critical certification. Our drivers will be in contact with you in order to schedule a time to perform regulator replacement (or any other necessary work) on your propane system. If you have a time that you would like the work performed please call the Berwick Coop Oil Co. office to schedule a service date. However, regulator replacements and any necessary repairs will be the homeowner’s responsibility. Berwick Coop Oil Co. will discuss necessary repairs (and the estimated charges) with you before the work begins.

Your well-being is very important to Berwick Coop Oil Co. If your propane regulators are out of date they must be replaced. Thank you for your business and we look forward to many more years servicing your account.